Freaky Burn

Freaky Burn

A free pack of two programs to burn and erase recordable CDs and DVDs
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Freaky Burn is a free pack of two programs that allows you to burn and erase recordable CDs and DVDs. The two modules included are Burn Data CD/DVD and Erase CDRW/DVDRW.
The first application will allow you to burn data stored on your hard drives onto discs. I have tested this program on a PC with a Samsung SH-S202-J DVD Writer, which the program erroneously identified as a CD-only writer. Thus, it did not allow me to burn any DVDs, though it worked flawlessly with CDs. (It may be that the program does not recognize drivers that came out after the software had been released.)

Burn Data will let you create any compilation of files and folders, indicating the free space left. You will also be able to specify the desired burning speed, as it is safer to use lower speeds when you are using cheap media or old burners. Once you press the ‘Burn’ button, the program seems to be doing nothing, since there are no noticeable changes in the screen. However, after a few seconds you will see your burner’s LED blinking.

The other application, Erase CDRW/DVDRW, will just perform a Quick or Full Erase job in any rewritable CD or DVD.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is free


  • It does not recognize some burners accurately
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